Friday, October 10, 2008

Where I Post Regularly

Hi. This is a sort of place-holder blog. If you are one of my relatives, or old friends and you've found me through the magical workings of Google, and you're wondering why I never update this, that's because this isn't my Real Blog.

My live journal is my most regularly updated blog and my art blog is here.

My pictures are at Flickr and my art is all over the place notably here at my portfolio and here at DeviantArt and ConceptArt. I post sketches to LJ, Flickr, and ConceptArt's sketch thread. I talk about my writing on my LJ and also occasionally on Vox. I'm also on Facebook and Myspace, but I mostly use Facebook for playing Scrabble, and I almost never update my Myspace. My voice chats are on Utterli, which autoposts to Twitter. Don't post questions to me at Twitter, I always forget to check it. My professional profile can be found at LinkedIn, and I swear to god my Friendster account is so dusty that I am not even linking it here. I think that covers a small percentage of the places you can find me in Interwebs land.